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NURS2201 - Asthma: Optimizing Control In Children & Clinical Case Study - Nursing Assignment Help

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Optimizing Control In Children

a) As a student nurse I wanted to learn more about asthma treatment in children specifically to broaden my knowledge. I have identified the importance of how the appropriate inhaler device and medication can provide optimal care and to then, be able to provide that education to my patients.
b) This case study demonstrated how to assess the pattern of asthma and then choose the appropriate inhaler devices and age-appropriate preventer medicines to support young children's asthma management. It also showed how to monitor treatment and implement regular evaluation of inhaler technique to improve medication effectiveness and optimal management of symptoms. It outlined how to identify certain triggers and minimize future flare-ups. I learned how to develop a written asthma action plan and then tailor it to the individual patient while referring to the Australian Asthma Handbook guidelines when making treatment recommendations.
c) This case study has been beneficial to my practice as I can now confidently determine the pattern of asthma symptoms and recommend the correct inhaler device and medication appropriately. I can assess the inhaler technique for children and provide education and demonstrate for administering to the parent, I can also help identify triggers that may cause asthma flare-ups and how to avoid those triggers and continue monitoring treatment. I feel confident navigating through the Australian Asthma Handbook and developing written asthma action plans individualized to the patient. I feel more confident in asthma management overall for any age after this case study.


To be able to identify the more severe asthma patients
This webinar discussed how to identify patients with difficult-to-treat asthma. Assess and manage factors that contribute to poor asthma control, including inhaler technique, adherence, comorbidities, and triggers. Identify patient characteristics for severe, high-risk, and uncontrolled asthma who may benefit from timely referral to a specialist. Describe the role of biological therapies in severe asthma and the rationale for their use. Describe how a multidisciplinary and systematic approach to patients with difficult-to-treat asthma can improve patient outcomes.
This information will help me assess and manage factors that contribute to poor asthma control, including inhaler technique, adherence, comorbidities, and triggers in my future practices. I also feel more confident in being able to identify the patient characteristics for severe, high-risk, and uncontrolled asthma that will benefit from timely referral to a specialist. The role of biological therapies and rationale for severe asthma was explained and showed a decrease in exacerbations and reduced overall asthma symptoms and a multi-disciplinary approach to patients will also help me minimize asthma symptoms and medications in future practice.


I feel that I need to gain a better understanding and be educated on how to choose the most suitable type of inhaled medicine for a patient with COPD.
This activity covered how to navigate the correct type of inhaled medicine in the patient with COPD throughout a case study. It outlined common errors such as incorrect medicines prescribed for patients with COPD, incorrect inhaler technique, and incorrect devices prescribed to the patient. It outlined the stepwise approach to medicines management in COPD based on the COPD-X guidelines, how to review a patient’s medicines list after therapy is changed, exacerbations or transitions in care, to avoid harmful duplications, to recognize the importance of assessing and demonstrating inhaler technique to help patients use inhalers effectively and implement a practice-based approach to ensure the patient inhaler technique and adherence are regularly taught and monitored.
I will be able to apply this to my future practice and ensure the suitable type of medicine is prescribed, outline common errors and determine the correct routine. This information makes me feel more confident that I can provide effective advice to patients with COPD such as COPD management based on the COPD-X guidelines. A detailed description of how to review a medicines list after therapy is changed will ensure that in the future I am aware of this and avoid duplications. I can implement a practice-based approach to ensure the patient inhaler techniques are regularly taught and monitored, recognize the importance of assessing and demonstrating the types of techniques to ensure the correct use is undertaken and provided effectively.

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