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Assignment Task:

Case Study:

Type 1 Diabetes Aarav Anand is a 16-year-old high school student who lives with his parents and younger brother.  He was admitted to hospital with confusion, lethargy, tachycardia and hyperglycaemia. Aarav has been diagnosed by his medical team with Type 1 Diabetes.  Aarav has been commenced on sliding scale insulin and further tests are ordered. The doctor also orders fourth hourly blood glucose levels and a strict fluid balance chart.  You are the nurse looking after him and from your assessment ascertain he has no previous medical history and speaks English and Bengali. His parents speak minimal English. Aarav and his family practice Hinduism and are vegetarian.   Discuss a holistic nursing care plan for his current nursing care and in preparation for discharge in two days’ time.   

Assignment instructions:

As the nurse looking after your chosen case study you are required to discuss relevant nursing care management in a 2000-word essay. The assignment should discuss a holistic nursing care plan for the patient that applies the nursing process and addresses at least three (3) high priority nursing problems ‘nursing diagnoses’.  Include any key aspects of education required to improve patient knowledge and management of their condition after discharge.


This essay will be elaborated further details about diabetes type 1, history, complications, medical interventions, nursing process and holistic approach. 

Diabetes is a set of metabolic illness concerning carbohydrate, Lipids and protein metabolism. It’s far identified by persistent hyperglycaemia, due to defects of insulin secretion, action or mixture of both. There are three major types of diabetes and all types are complicated and significant. Type 1 insulin-dependent, type 2 non-insulin dependant, and Gestational diabetes. This type appears during pregnancy and most of the time goes away after pregnancy.

Diabetes has a long history extending back into the ancient times. from the 8th century onwards, physicians noticed the predisposition of diabetic patients to develop skin infections as furuncles, rodent ulcers and troubles of the eyesight. However, during these times due to the poor knowledge of anatomy, pathophysiology, and the absence of diagnostics instruments, the illness remained understandable to the physician.

However, on 11 January 1922, for the first time insulin was administrated to Leonard Thompson a 14-year-old boy treated for diabetes in Toronto Hospital, Thompson maintained the treatment with insulin and lived another 13 years. Similar is the story of Elizabeth Hughes Gossett (1907-1981). Elisabeth was also diagnosed with diabetes at age 11. Therefore, she was also treated by Allen and started the use of insulin. She survived and graduated from College, she also had the chance to have children and got married, she died of a heart attack at 74 years old. In 1923 the Nobel Prize in Medicine was granted to Frederick Banting and John MacLeod because they successfully discovered insulin, that was a day to remember for the entire world.



Bringing together such a learning experience and knowledge all care providers should follow a holistic approach, recognizing the whole person in the prevention and treatment of disease. It may also give valuable and important help and guidance to be given to the patient. Clients tend to be more pleased if nurses take a holistic approach,  feeling that the care provider has time for them and their illness.



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