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NURS13128 : Nursing Care for Children and their Families – Nursing Assignment

Internal Code – MAS1612

Nursing Assignment

Question 1:

You are a new graduate registered nurse working in child and family community health and have identified that childhood obesity appears to be a key health problem in your community.

You are required to conduct a ten-minute oral presentation that addresses childhood obesity in your community. It is expected that you develop a powerpoint presentation that you will utilise whilst delivering your oral presentation. Remember to consider the audience that you are delivering your presentation to when developing the powerpoint.

Present your oral presentation to a minimum of five people of your choosing (this may be family, friends and/or peers). These five people will be required to each complete an evaluation of your presentation (Use the evaluation tool located on moodle in the assignment section: Essential assessment two information; then upload the completed evaluations as one document with your self-reflection).

Question 2:

Critical thinking and problem solving skills are attributes required by the registered nurse. To be able to effectively critically think and problem solve the registered nurse must also be able to critically reflect on their own knowledge and skills. This is also part of our Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) registered nurse standards for practice 2016. To facilitate the development of this skill you are required to undertake a self- ‐reflection of your
NURS13128 Nursing care for children and their families assessment prior to submission. To do this you will need to reflect on your health promotion project by answering the following in a separate document to your essay:

Reflect on your presentation:
• What went well?
• What areas could you improve?
• What would you do differently next time?
• Do you feel that you addressed the assessment task? If so, how? If not, why do you feel that you have not addressed the assessment task and how could you improve for next time?
• Do you feel that by developing this health promotion plan, you have gained knowledge that will change your future nursing practice? Explain your answer.

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