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NUR2229: Your Patient Surgery – What can you do as a Nurse, to Meet her Needs in a Patient Centred Way – Nursing Assignment Help

Internal Code: 1EHH

Nursing Assignment Help

Locate, evaluate and select appropriate literature Links report to evidence/research. [Generate/evaluate]

  1. Identify some of the concerns your patient might have, and suggest how you might be able to help the patient to cope with those concerns during their stay in your ward. [Physical, pain, psychosocial]
  2. Your patient has had their surgery [your patient needs the same interventions as the patient in part 2 of the case scenario]. What can you do as a nurse, to meet her needs in a patient-centred way?
  3. Your patient has been recovering well on the ward and she is now ready for discharge. Knowing that she will have many questions over the next few days and weeks, you have put together a factsheet to give her and her family answers and tips.

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