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Task: Both nationally and internationally, there have been public inquiries into the failure of health systems to deliver safe and evidence based care. The investigations into the Bundaberg Base Hospital/Queensland Health, The Campbelltown and Camden Hospital and the Mid Staffordshire Trust are all high profile examples of such inquiries. This assessment requires you to select and explore one prominent inquiry (from those listed above) and to answer the question posed in two only of the four modules below; 1. Clinical Governance 2. Safety and Quality 3. Leadership and Management 4. Organisational Culture A brief introductory paragraph is required to identify which inquiry and which two modules you will address in your response. This introduction is not included in the word count. As a scholarly piece, please use a third person writing style. Your response for each module will be 500 words (1000 words in total). You must support your assertions with evidence from the contemporary literature. A brief list of resources has been provided to assist you in beginning to explore the context of these health service inquiries. Please submit this assessment through the Turnitin portal and use the assessment template with provided on LMS. 1. Clinical Governance The Australian Council on Healthcare Standards defines clinical governance as: "..the system by which the governing body, managers, clinicians and staff share responsibility and accountability for the quality of care, continuously improving, minimising risks, and fostering an environment of excellence in care for consumers/patients/residents .." Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (2004) ACHS News, Vol 12 1-2, ACHS, Sydney. The Victorian Clinical Governance Policy Framework; a guidebook (2009) identifies the following components of the clinical governance framework. Describe how these two elements may have influenced the system failure in your selected case study. Use the literature to support your assertions. 2. Quality and Safety Identify and describe a risk management strategy that the organisation in your inquiry could have undertaken to prevent the health system failure. Such strategies may include: 1. Credentialing 2. Reporting and acting upon near misses and incidents 3. Accreditation and benchmarking 4. Auditing 5. Monitoring and responding to complaints How might the implementation of this risk management strategy have changed the outcome in your chosen inquiry? 3. Leadership and management Identify and describe two traits/characteristics of an open and transparent leader. Were the characteristics evident in the key figures in your selected inquiry? Use the evidence from the inquiry to support this assertion. Briefly examine how these characteristics influence the delivery of safe patient care. Use evidence from contemporary literature to support your assertions. 4. Organisational culture Define the term Whistle-blower. Describe what influence the organisational culture have on the quality of care in your chosen inquiry? Did the culture of the organisation help to hide or disclose the failure? Justify your response with evidence from the literature.
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