NSB602 : Pain Management and Nursing Practice – Nursing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS5614

Nursing Assignment:

Scenario  1:

Mr Smith s 60yr/old male was admitted to a surgical ward for right upper quadrant .epigastric pain. The pain is currently 9/10 in severity, colicky in nature with associated nausea and vomiting. Mr Smith is scheduled for a cholecystectomy tomorrow.

Scenario 2:

Mr Jones a 68yr/old male presented to the emergency 12 months post spinal fusion of his L1-3 complaining of chronic shooting pain, pins and needles and dysthesias with no clear triggers or exacerbating factors.


1) Based on your assessment identify the most likely types of pain

2) Outline, discuss and provide a rationale that is linked to the pathophysiology the interventions you would implement to manage the patients’ pain.





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