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NIT1104: Design an Ethernet LAN for level 5 – VICTORIA UNIVERSITY – College of Science & Engineering – IT Assignment

Internal Code: MAS5672

Design an Ethernet LAN

Case Study:

  1. Computer labs are painted in green. Each PC lab has 20 computers and 1 printer
  2. Offices are painted in pink. Each office room can connect 4 computers.
  3. The technical room is painted in cyan where the main switches and routers are located


  • The design document should include
    o A network diagram of the LAN with detailed information to show the functionality of each network device in the diagram.
    o A site map that show the deployment location of each network device in the site
    o A detailed list of the network inventories including:
  • The network devices with detailed specification and amount of each type
  • Network cables and estimated amount of each cable type in meters,
  • Any other accessories such as connectors and tools.
    o An IP network addressing plan that specifies:
  • For each subnet, the network address, broadcast address, valid host address range that will be assigned to the PCs. Note that you need to spare 10% of the total addresses of each subnet for future development.
  • The IP address of each router interface.
  • Any unused address space
  •  The configuration document includes
    o Detailed configuration commands for all routers and switches
    o A packet tracer file implements a simplified solution of the LAN
  • Each sub-network has 2 computers
    o Screenshots from packet tracer showing you can connect between sub-networks and the gateway (using ping to verify the connectivity)

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