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Internal Code: 3EAA Task:
  • Please go through the pdf file attached below and example taken was related to sport which is about athlete and related datasets were created.So similarly just use any other example in place of athlete you need to create datasets and next is to write a report.

    For report ,need 20,000 Words report that includes information for both datasets that includes which already created and sent to you and new one created by you.

    You can use any programming language to create datasets and need to show your work with output.

Hi,earlier we tried to execute the .dat file and failed and steps we followed were attached to this email in word document.For this the professor's initial reply was-

"Hi,looking at your code it seems a problem of path again.On the base of your screenshot it seems you are writing or reading the file tj_1.dat in the directory output that is not present inside rnn_xy(as subdirectory).Please insert in the code the correct path of the directory(not only the partial path,but the complete path where you are sure that the directory exist".

Later requested again to know the IDE and I got a reply again from the professor is mentioned below.

Hi, as you know you are compiling my code in a bash shell in linux, using make, not a particular IDE. It is very simple. The specification are always in the top of the related code file as

#include <iostream>

#include <stdio.h>

#include "rnn.h"

For types of file extensions please look the c code specification, instructions and syntax . Each file open instruction explain the operation made. Are you confident with the C programming?

Naturally when we are considering an instruction like

    fp=fopen(filename, "rt");

The specification is reading a file in linux.. so check (eg in web forum like stackoverflow) if there is any problem if you are using other operating system.

All the code is explained in the flow chart inside the journal paper, which we have commented together in your notes, step by step. If you don’t want to use my code, you can write the code in your own language if you prefer, repeating what is illustrate in the journal paper.  Please read again the journal paper.

You have a video, MATLAB manages the video in input. You will read the frames in the c code tj_training_best.cc maintaining track of the single sequence (considering the number of frames in each sequence).

in the directory tracking you have the input  files that you need.

In fact open1.m do (read my comments):

data=load('tj_full_1.dat'); % open the first sequence

N=size(data,1)/72/128; % number of sequences frame

seq=reshape(data, 72, 128, N); % transform data into an array 72x128xN

centers=load('center_1.dat'); % open the file with the centre coordinates (annotated)

for i=1:N

   img=reshape(seq(:,:,i), 72, 128); % for visualisation --- extraction of the image n(dim. 128x72)

   imshow(img); % show image

   hold on

   xc0=centers(i,1)/10; % centres coordinates


% visualisation of the  box 50x50 centred in xc0, yc0

   plot([xc0-25 xc0+25],[yc0-25 yc0-25],'g')

   plot([xc0-25 xc0+25],[yc0+25 yc0+25],'g')

   plot([xc0-25 xc0-25],[yc0-25 yc0+25],'g')

   plot([xc0+25 xc0+25],[yc0-25 yc0+25],'g')

wait for button press end after look the c code to read and manage this input, considering tj_training_best.cc

I am not able to provide feedback on specific errors that you have in your IDE, in your new code,  in terms of  right of access, but you are able to verify them.

  • under report of 21,000 words you are requested to cover the following

  • Abstract
  • Methodology
  • Datasets
  • Interpretation of results
  • Discussion and analysis
  • Conclusion

Please dont forget to mention references and citation.

  • You can use any programming language to create datasets and need to show your work with output.

    So I need output for existing example and then replace with new example and get the output for new example as soon as possible.The existing example is present in the below pdf file attached to this email.

    Next I need a report of 12000 word and it should cover both examples.I need the following parts in the report covered by you.

    • Abstract
    • Methodology
    • Datasets
    • Interpretation of results
    • Discussion and analysis
    • Conclusion

    References and intext citations need to be given.

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  • Posted on : August 20th, 2017
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