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CHCPRP001: Networks and collaborative partnerships- Marketing assignment

Internal code-MAS3975

Marketing assignment


Presentation – Part A *
For this task you are to create a PowerPoint presentation describing the network you chose in Assessment Task 2. You must cover the following:
• Provide the name and general details of the network you chose and what it does.
• The value of this network to workers, clients and the organisation
• Any other organisation this network collaborates with and why.
Presentation – Part B
After you have thoroughly researched your network, provide an expanded answer for the following written responses.

Presentation – Part B (i) *
Explain how you gathered information about the organisation’s services and networks that you were required to work with. Describe any challenges or limitations you may have experienced.
Presentation – Part B (ii) *
Describe the different dynamics that you observed between the service provider you researched and your work place.
Presentation – Part B (iii) *
Based on this, provide three (3) ways you can improve your networking with providers.
Presentation – Part B (iv) *
How do you keep client information up to date?

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