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Task: Introduction/Description Welcome to the Professional Capacity Building unit NCS3201. The broad intention of this unit is to support students to develop self-direction in developing competence in new areas of their practice. In the generic component of this unit, students will complete six modules in the following areas: Competence and professional development - novice to expert, Reflective practice and self-assessment, Evidence of performance, Leadership and scopes of practice, Designing a learning plan, Specialist knowledge and skills related to chosen area of practice. Having developed an understanding of assessing and addressing the requirements of a new practice area, students will apply this to a specific nursing specialisation chosen by the student. This unit will encourage the student, over a period of six weeks, to reflect on their nursing course and identify an area of practice that may be part of their future professional journey. This area of practice may be one that the student has had some experience in or one that is a dream role for the future. The unit will introduce the student to a variety of nursing specialist roles that they may or may not have considered for the future. The student will complete a SWOT analysis during the first two weeks of semester and identify their long term goals through the use of a personal development plan. The focus of this unit is on identifying students’ own interests in nursing, planning for the future and achieving their long term goals. Reflection on students’ nursing experience so far may help them to identify what really excites them and what path they may like to follow. If there is nothing yet that they can identify as a future career path, this unit may give some ideas. Students may also have decided that their nursing degree is only the first step to another career, if so, plan for that career. The student will complete two pieces of assessment for this unit. The first assessment is a Presentation and the second assignment is a Report. Learning Outcomes The assessment tasks support your achievement of the learning outcomes for this unit. On completion of this unit students should be able to: 1. Assess the requirements of an area of nursing practice that they are unfamiliar with; 2. Develop a learning plan to address areas of deficit to operate effectively within a new area of practice; 3. Implement a learning plan and document performance outcomes; and. 4. Evaluate the effectiveness of their personal learning plan. CONTENT 1. Competence and professional development - novice to expert. 2. Reflective practice and self-assessment. 3. Evidence of performance. 4. Leadership and scopes of practice. 5. Designing a learning plan. 6. Specialist knowledge and skills related to chosen area of practice. Assessment Instructions a. All information that students need to develop and submit this assignment successfully will be found on Blackboard>Assignments/Assignment 2- PDP Report b. These assessments are based on individual reports- students found undertaking these assessments in pairs or groups may be referred to the SNM for academic misconduct. Writing skills The assignment is required to be submitted in an essay style format which includes ECU cover sheet with ELP, title page, contents page, end -text reference list. Please see SNM Assignment Writing Guidelines provided under Assignments tab. Your writing needs to: 1. Logical –follow the marking guide format. 2. Use clear and concise expression–use simple and clear terminology to explain. 3. Use paraphrasing – writing information in your own words and referencing – no direct quotes from 4. the literature to be used within this assignment. 5. Do not reference lecture notes or dictionaries -as your literature source for this assignment. 6. Well -structured paragraphs and sentences – concise sentences, no bullet points or dot points 7. Correct spelling–Australian not USA. 8. Use of Third Person only – Do not use – ‘I’, ‘We’. Use words such as ‘The nurse’. 9. Word Count –3000 words (+/-10%) Content: Content fully addresses all parts of the assessment item. Thorough exploration of concepts and well- formed ideas, supported by high quality evidence. Able to demonstrate an in-depth understanding of the main concepts. All ideas presented have relevance to the topic. Application of Critical Thinking: The information provided is more than descriptive. Assignment Two allows you to develop Personal Development Plan and skills in communicating your future career through a written report. Information on report writing will be addressed and clarified in this unit. The student shows a deep level of enquiry into the information given and demonstrates an understanding of reflection though their writings. Analysis of content is expected. Structure & Presentation: The structure follows the ECU School of Nursing & Midwifery Assignment Guidelines. Report style to follow format given. Offers a clear introduction to assignment and strong summation of key points in the conclusion, follows a logical format moving from one relevant are to the next. Submitted as a word document through Turnitin.  
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