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Industry Reflection National Safety & Quality Standards


All students are required to attend an interview when applying for a New Graduate Program or a Registered Nurse Position. As part of the interview process you will be required to reflect on past nursing clinical experiences when answering interview questions.

Selecting two of the NSQHS standards please respond to the following question:

Please explain to the panel your understanding of two of the NSQHS standards and discuss relevant clinical nursing experiences from your clinical practicum, providing justification for each based on these patient care experiences.

The NSQHS can be found here:

  1. Clinical Governance

  2. Partnering with Consumers

  3. Preventing and Controlling Health-Associated Infection Standard

  4. Medication Safety Standard

  5. Comprehensive Care Standard

  6. Communicating for Patient Safety

  7. Blood Management Standard

  8. Recognising and Responding to Acute Deterioration Standard

Task: The 5 Rs of reflection When practising reflection, think about the '5 Rs of reflection'. They can help you work through a number of questions contained in this CD-ROM.
  • Reporting
    • What to do - Provide a descriptive account of a situation/issue.
    • What's included - What happened/what the situation/issue involved.
  • Responding
    • What to do - Record your emotional response to the situation/issue.
    • What's included - Observations, feelings and questions about the situation/issue.
  • Relating
    • What to do - Report on your understanding of the situation/issue and how it relates to the theory.
    • What's included - Your connections between the situation/issue and your experience, skills, knowledge, and understanding.
  • Reasoning
    • What to do - Explore and explain the situation/issue.
    • What's included - Significant factors that underlie the situation/issue and how they relate to what happened and what the situation/issue involved.
  • Reconstructing
    • What to do - Draw a conclusion and develop an action plan based on a well-reasoned understanding of the situation/issue.
    • What's included - Your deeper understanding of the situation/issue, which you've developed through well-reasoned thought. This understanding is used to reconstruct the practice and/or the theory of health care.
Sample questions to aid reflection Below are some sample questions that may help you reflect on situations/issues related to your learning. Please feel free to come up with your own questions. Important! Always ask searching questions that help you think deeply about the many aspects related to a situation/issue. This will enhance your learning.
  • Reporting
    • What is the situation/issue about? What are the key aspects of the situation/issue?
  • Responding
    • How do I feel about or react to the situation/issue? What makes me feel or react this way?
  • Relating
    • How does the knowledge/insight I have about the situation/issue relate to my: • personal and/or professional experiences • knowledge, understanding and/or skills? In what way/s does it relate?
  • Reasoning
    • How does the practice relate to the theory regarding this situation/issue? How do different perspectives, such as my personal perspective, my perspective as a student and my perspective as a health care professional affect the way I understand the situation/issue?
  • Reconstructing
    • In summary, what have I learned about the situation/issue? What conclusions can I draw? Why? Why is the situation/issue significant? What have I learned about myself and about professional health care practice? How will this situation/issue affect my future learning and the way I practice health care?
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