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MT8312: SPSS Decision Tree Evaluation- R & SPSS Assignment Help

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R & SPSS Assignment Help:


Use Economic freedom Excel file presented in Assignment 3 to do SPSS decision tree evaluation.
Provide detailed analysis about your findings.
Submit your analysis with tables/figures…etc to Assignment 3 dropbox folder located in Assessment link.

Excel File Details
ECO: is and index of economic freedom published by Heritage foundation & Wall Street Journal

Openness to trade is the sum of exports and imports to country’s GDP

Stability is referred to as Political stability in each country, no war, no major social turbulences (riots, military coup d état…), negative values (up to ‐3.0) worst stability and +2.5 indicates the highest level of “stability”.

Resistance is an index to governmental resistance to trade freedom and FDI flow among others.

ICT is an index (average) of Internet users per 100 inhabitants, mobile cell phone users per 100 inhabitants and Fixed telephone line per 100 inhabitants.

FDI: Is the Foreign Direct Investment inflow in country. Scaled to 1000 to match the values of other variables

GDPP: Per capita GDP scaled to 1000 to match the values of other variables

1) ECO variable is the only output variable (dependent)
2) Independent variables (inputs) are: gdpp1000, education, ict(mobile inte tel), openness, resistance, fdi1000, and stability

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