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MPM755 – Building Success In Commerce – Global Citizenship – Teamwork – Building Success In Commerce Assignment Help

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Building Success In Commerce Assignment Help


As you approach the end of your degree, what is your consolidated view on the key learnings (academic and personal) that you will take away from your experiences within your core and specialisation units?

To what degree did your views on effective team working / cross cultural team working change or evolve as a result of your experiences in working collaboratively on Assignment 2?

What were the advantages and disadvantages of working on Assignment 2 in a team, rather than an individual capacity?

What role did you take in the team for Assignment 2, and how effective were you in promoting your ideas within the group?

What went well and what could have been improved upon reflection in relation to Assignment 2?

What will you take away from your experience within this Unit in terms of work readiness and future employability?

Endnote should be used to capture and manage citations, of which there should be no fewer than A screenshot of the Endnote file needs to accompany the assignment submission.

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