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MPM735 :Country Profile -International Business Management- Report Writing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS507

Report Writing Assignment:


Develop a COUNTRY PROFILE (or scenario) of South Korea for Villiers, which is interested in exploring opportunities in that country.This assignment requires you to imagine you are an individual, or a group of, international business consultants, who work for Villiers and have been asked to advise on taking the company into South Korea. You must try to look at the situation from Villiers’s point of view, and examine the business environment of South Korea through Villiers’s requirements, their company and their industry.You need to write a Report presenting a current (2016) scenario of South Korea, plus a forecast based on this scenario for 4-5 years, to 2021. This assignment is PRACTICAL and requires you to identify the criteria you need to consider, such as economic, political, foreign direct investment, financial, legal and sociocultural factors in particular, as addressed in the first five topics.

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