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The Australian Government has previously commissioned you, Ellyse Perry (Chief Analyst at Survey House), to develop a survey to help them gauge the views of the Australian public regarding “Climate Change”. Now, in order to implement possible Climate Change policy initiatives, the Government, through their representative 

Daisy Pearce (Manager, Public Relations in the Prime Minister’s Office), wants you 

to interpret the data gathered from your survey and then answer several questions.

Daisy does not have an analytics background, so it’s important that you utilise “plain, easy to understand language” in your answers. If you believe you need to include any technical terms, then you must explain these in a clear and succinct manner.


My specific questions are: 

Q1. An Overall View of “Monthly Payment”spend per month

Can you provide me with an overall summary of the amount people are willing to pay monthly in order to have a net zero electricity bill sourced entirely through renewable energy (e.g. solar panels with backup battery)? A summing up of the variable “Monthly_Payment” just by itself, would be useful.


Q2. “Monthly_Payment” vs “Concerned” I am interested in how the “Monthly_Payment” amount people are willing to pay for renewable energy relates 

to how “Concerned” people are with the current situation regarding Climate Change.

 In particular, does there appear to be any difference in how much people are prepared to pay monthly on renewable energy compared to the “Concerned”  responses of: Not concerned; Slightly concerned; Somewhat concerned; Very concerned, and Extremely concerned. 


Q3. Climate Change Affordability Measures 

  1. Can you estimate the average “Monthly_Payment” amount people are willing to pay for renewable energy in Australia?


  1. Climate Change is a global concern and there are countries that do not have the financial resources to address their local Climate Change circumstances. Therefore, I’m interested to know if you can estimate the proportion of all Australians who believe that Australia should financially “Support” developing countries in their efforts to address Climate Change. 


Q4. Climate Change Views

  1. A previous report published by one of the national daily newspapers indicated that the proportion of Australians who have Already Installed or Plan to install Solar_Panels” on their homes is no more than 25%. An industry energy group has responded to this report by claiming that the rate has been understated and the true figure is higher. Can you check this industry group’s claim?


  1. Another point of contention made in the report was the amount of money Australians would be prepared to make an up-front payment (“Up Front_Payment”) in order to have net zero electricity bills through renewable energy. The report states that it is, on average, less than $21,500. The same industry energy group has responded by claiming that the amount of money Australians are prepared to pay up-front is at least $21,500. Could you please also check the is claim by the industry group?


Q5. Relationships


I would like to see whether factors listed below provide any explanation of the amount people are willing to pay monthly (“Monthly_Payment”) in order to have net zero electricity bills through renewable energy. If so, can you also indicate which factor is the most important?

  1. “Income” 

  2. “Age” 


Q6. Appropriate Sample Size 

Finally, I am concerned that the sample of 400 Australians is too small to provide accurate results as this seems hardly enough data. For a survey we intend to undertake next year, we would like to be able to:

  1. estimate the proportion of Australians that are Aware or Very Aware of Climate Change to within 3%, and

  2. accurately estimate the average monthly payment (“Monthly_Payment”) amount people are willing to pay in order to have net zero electricity bills through renewable energy to within $20. 

How many Australians would we need to include in next year’s survey to satisfy both of these requirements?


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