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Creating Web applications requires different approaches than traditional applications and involves the integration of numerous technologies. This module will enable those who have some experience of software Develop the architecture ment technologies and HTML to build complex web solutions and advance to dynamic, database-enabled, framework driven website / intranet programming and applications using the PHP scripting language and MySQL database. As part of this process you will learn about the Model-View- Controller architectural pattern, object-oriented PHP, event-driven programming, and databases and see how they all work together to deliver exciting applications. You will also learn how client-to- server data flows in a web environment and how to control it through the integration of fundamental security techniques in every step of the development process. Furthermore, you will gain an insight into how to use and apply version control and how to use specialised software to integrate it into your projects. Finally, you will learn about web testing techniques and which tools are best used for debugging different parts of the application. This module aims to provide students with an understanding of the issues, principles, techniques and tools associated with the development of rich Web applications, from design to implementation. The task case study for this assignment is the following: The manager of the Over Surgery would like to enhance the existing customer support system with online services. That should allow the customers to do the following: 1. to register and get an user name and a password in order to access the online services; 2. to login 3. to check the GP or nurse’s availability on a specific day; 4. to check all the GPs and nurses on duty on a specific day; 5. to book, change and cancel an appointment; 6. to extend the prescriptions; the user should have access to the list of medications and be able to ?extend just those that can be extended. 7. To check the results of tests they have done. 8. to chat online with a receptionist. The same system is used by the receptionists that should be able to: 1. check the calendar of appointments (per day, week, month)?; 2.book, change and cancel an appointment for a patient; Develop the architecture & build a skeleton for the deployment of an integrated internet application to support the Over Surgery. Intended learning outcomes for the assessment 1. Demonstrate an understanding of and critically evaluate a range of web technologies. 2. Select, discuss and critically compare appropriate web application security techniques. 3. Apply web complex technologies in the design and implementation of advanced web applications. 4. Apply web appropriate security principles throughout a web application development process.
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