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Assignment Task:

With this assignment we always have some inquiries. In this document, we are responding to some of the commonly asked queries and highly recommend that you read this document before commencing on the assignment.

1. What should be the focus of business ethics? The articles must be concerned with issues of a business ethics nature. For example, drinking is a social issue, but drinking in the workplace/ on the job is a business ethics issue as it can have an impact on your performance. Business ethics issues are those issues that have a direct bearing on the business operations of an organisation. The issues can be in either the corporate sector or the public sector, as long as you can demonstrate a business implication. 

2. Advice regarding suitability of an article. If you are not sure of the article's applicability please think through before you use it; perhaps choose another one that you are sure fits with what is required. The unit team cannot give you an assessment of the article's applicability. As a third year unit, we expect students to take responsibility for their own learning decisions, therefore deciding on the articles that you choose is a part of the assessment process. 

We cannot comment on the suitability of your media article choice. Your choice is a part of the evaluation process and a demonstration to us of your understanding of the unit content. 

3. We would accept issues that have gone from business ethics issues to legal issues. By this statement, we mean that often behaviour begins as unethical and over time may become illegal. Often people convicted of criminal intent continue to appeal and protest their innocence and still cannot see that they have done anything wrong. Nonetheless, you should still be able to clearly identify and discuss an ethical issue and differentiate it from legal aspects. 

4. Topics that you can use in your theory discussion. Should you confine it just to Topics 1-7? As this unit is at third year level, you can use any theory that relates to business ethics regardless of having already formally studied it in the unit schedule: i.e. you can read ahead and use ideas and theories from weeks outside of 1-7, or use another textbook ir source. 

5. The articles used must be dated after June 1, 2019. The articles that you use must have appeared in the media source at earliest June 2 2019 (so after June 1 2019). The media articles can be about events that occurred pre-1 June 2019. If the article header is dated on- or prior to 1 June, 2019, it will receive 0 marks regardless of the quality of content discussion. 

6. Journal articles: are they print media? Each article must be from the print media (newspaper article, magazine article, internet newspaper or internet magazine article). The articles that you select must have at least 200 words of text. Please note that academic journal articles are not regarded as print media for the purpose of this assignment. 

7. Can I use one source (e.g., same Newspaper) for all of the articles? Yes, you can, use the same source (eg., The Age website) for both the articles. Nonetheless, do note the articles should be about 2 different organisations and 2 different business ethics issues. 

8. Do I need to use sources other than the textbook and the articles themselves? This is not necessary but it could be helpful for your discussion, especially if your media articles are on the shorter side and others have written about the issues presented in your articles. 

8. Are overseas newspapers and websites acceptable? Yes, they are – the only requirement is that they be printed or translated in English. 

9. Does the ethical issue have to occur in Australia or need to involve an Australian organisation? No, you can cover ethical issues that involve any organisation in any industry, anywhere in the world. 

10. Can I use Wikipedia for my assignment? Use of Wikipedia is NOT allowed as one of the references for this assignment. You need to search information about the various theories and business ethics issues from various textbooks, journal articles and other sources as opposed to gaining potential inaccurate information from Wikipedia. 

11. Can I use blogs for my assignment? Whilst blogs can be part of the media source, we recommend not to use them as we are looking for your views on various business ethics issues more so than personal commentary. 

12. Is there a minimum or maximum number of references for the assignment? There is no minimum or maximum number of requirements for this assignment task. Nonetheless, you need to ensure that all the assignment content is properly acknowledged and creferened. 

13. Can I have a common introduction and conclusion? You need to treat each media article as an individual piece of assessment with respective marks  Accordingly, there should be no common introduction and conclusion sections. 

14. Is executive summary required? There is no need to include executive summary at the start of the document. 

15. Should I choose generic versus specific business ethics issues? Selection of business ethics issues and articles is your choice, and part of the evaluation process. Nonetheless, in the unit team experience it is easier to have a robust discussion with a specific (eg., environmental damage caused by company X) than a generic (eg., climate change) issue. 


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