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MMB722342 Masters Framework Dissertation

School of Health & Life Sciences Glasgow Caledonian University

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Research method is SLR (structured literature review of qualitative studies)


Research AIM:

To investigate relationship between knowledge, attitude and self-management among adult with type 2 diabetes.


Research question:

1)how knowledge influence self management

2) Investigate what is the level of knowledge among patient with diabetes

3)Investigate whether knowledge have associated with clinical outcomes among people with diabetes (Dissertation handbook is attached here)

• OPTION 2: Structured Literature Review (SLR)
Selecting this option entails an in-depth critical review and synthesis of existing published primary research studies, which is being undertaken to answer a highly focused research question you have devised. Using established methodological techniques you will critically evaluate primary research studies and synthesise the findings.

Completing a Structured Literature Review will enable you to demonstrate your research skills in critical appraisal, quality assessment of research, data extraction, analysis and synthesis. Undertaking a SLR entails developing a highly focused and appropriate research question that is relevant to your discipline/professional background. This will normally be associated with a devising a question which:

  • Evaluates the effectiveness of an intervention (i.e. using studies which have a Quantitative approach/design and synthesising the quantitative findings)


  • Explores and generates new insights and understanding of a phenomenon (i.e. using studies which have a Qualitative approach /design and synthesising the qualitative findings).To make this type of study feasible in the context of a master’s dissertation, this should result in you selecting a small number of very specific primary research studies, normally between 4-6 in total. Ethical approval is not normally required to undertake a structured review.


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