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MKT203 – Services Marketing – Individual Case Study

Gallerie is a company specializing in food distribution. Gallerie distributes gourmet food products directly to consumers, cafés and cooking schools. Using QR codes, Gallerie has streamlined their operations and their customers are able to obtain information about ingredients, health‐ related issues, recipes and the products’ and/or ingredients’ country of origin, as well as codes the option to receive newsletters and special offers if they wish. Without having advertised in the mainstream media, Gallerie now has a database of more than 200 000 consumers based on QR code usage. While the adoption of QR codes is lagging behind in many countries they are being adopted in Australia, New Zealand, Britain, the United States and Japan in many industry sectors. There is no question that this technology has enabled businesses to circumvent the complexity of operations and distribution using QR codes.

Woollaston estates wines are another example of the adoption of QR is the wine industry. Specifically, Woollaston Estates use QR codes to market their products. Each of the Woollaston wines includes a QR code on the bottle label for consumers to scan using their mobile phone if they are interested in reading further information about the company and its products. By using the QR codes,Assessment Information

Based on the discussion in the case study on QR codes please answer the following questions.

  1. In which stage(s) of the consumer decision‐making process may QR codes be of particular relevance?
  2. Do you see a marketing opportunity for QR codes in the services sector? Explain why or why not, and illustrate your answer by using examples from the services sector such as retail, financial services, health services, public sector utilize and transport. .
  3. The case study offers examples of how QR codes can bypass multiple layers of distribution and support marketing .Specific to the services sector what are some potential advantages of this?
  4. How may QR codes affect consumers’ perceived risk of products within the services sector?
  5. Which other forms of interactive content and/or information may be developed to support service operations and customer satisfaction in the future?

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