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MIS771 - Descriptive Statistics and Visualisation - Statistics Assignment Help

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You will continue with your role as a master of business analytics student doing an internship at Beautiful Data Inc. In addition to data analytics, the company is specialized in developing insightful and dynamic dashboards for their clients. Todd has requested you to come up with an interactive business dashboard for one of their clients. In his memo sent to the analytics team via SLACK (see next page), Todd has provided some guidelines on how to tackle the task. In particular, you are expected to explore the LasVegas dataset and develop an interactive dashboard using Tableau Desktop software. Then, you should convey your results as an e- the portfolio comprised of a process component and a solution component via the WordPress platform.

Dataset Details (accessible via Las Vegas.xlsx file)

The ‘LasVegas’ dataset is a Multivariate dataset that provides details on 504 TripAdvisor reviews of the 21 hotels located in the Strip, Las Vegas.
The data collected is grouped into “Review”, “User” and “Hotel” features. A brief data description is available from the Variable_Descriptions worksheet in the Excel file

Assignment Deliverables via WordPress

The assignment consists of two main sections (web pages): Process and Solution (accessible via the LasVegas Project menu in the WordPress template). You are required to complete both parts. This assignment is equivalent to 2,500 words.

A) Process Component
You are required to complete this section by completing four pre-set web pages under the process menu. Content presented here should be written in a ‘professional’ language and must cover the following four aspects:

1) Describe the Audience for your Data Visualisation (to be written under AUDIENCE page) Describe the audience of the Data Visualisation you intend to create. This section should include a general description of the persona, questions they want to be answered, actions/outcomes your dashboard will be supporting, and the feeling you would like to convey.

2) Identify Data Elements (to be written under DATA ELEMENTS page) Using what you have learned in the lectures and tutorials, first please describe each column
in the dataset (note: you should describe all columns regardless of whether you will ultimately use them in your visualization or not). Then classify the data (example,
Categorical, Numerical: Discrete, Continuous / Scales of measurements: Nominal, Ordinal, Interval and Ratio / Time/Date, Location).

3) Describe at a high level what types of charts you might use to display the data. (to be written under THE RIGHT FIT page) Based on the data types you described earlier in this section, along with the objectives of the persona you described, describe what charts and visualisations do you think might
work well to communicate the information.

4) Finally, describe any data ethics considerations there with the data you intend to use. (to be written under ETHICS page) Describe any considerations you think you should keep in mind while developing and sharing your visualization.

Note: While adding content, images, and tables are allowed under these sections (web pages); students are strictly prohibited from moving web page locations, renaming web pages or adding new pages under the PROCESS component.

B) Solution Component

Under the SOLUTION component (WordPress web page), you are expected to have two deliverables, namely, Live Dashboard and Story Telling. First, using the skills, you have developed in the tutorial sessions (and leveraging any additional training and online support provided by Tableau Inc.) you should develop an interactive dashboard using Tableau Desktop. Then, you should embed your interactive dashboard on the Live Dashboard web page.

Your descriptions, comments, or annotations of the interactive dashboard should detail how you have considered the data visualization framework while developing the interactive dashboard.

The questions below will give you some ideas of the type of comments you should include in this section:

I. What types of charts have you selected and why?

II. How have you used color (or not)?

III. How have you used hierarchy in your approach?

IV. What interactive components did you introduce?

V. How have you supported the motivations of the persona you defined?

VI. Comment on data sources and any data manipulation you may have performed.


C) Other components of the WordPress website
There are three web pages on the WordPress website template where you need to provide additional information. These include Welcome to Beautiful Data Inc. (Home page), About Us, and Contact pages. In the Welcome page, you may provide some information about Beautiful Data Inc. operations as well as the visualization project, i.e. Las Vegas (be creative). In the About Us page, you should briefly introduce yourself. Finally, on the Contact page, students can provide their contact information (you could use fictitious contact information) including, phone number, email address, and social media pages such as LinkedIn, etc.


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