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MGT8022: Project Management- Report Writing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS804

Report Writing Assignment:

At Master’s level, you are expected to know the theory relevant to important topics in project management, and to be
able to use that theory to ‘analyse’ your chosen context (your project). Read the Communication Skills Handbook to
understand what is expected for ‘analysis’. You have to demonstrate an ability to apply recognised theory to reveal the nature and extent of problems, and to provide relevant and practical recommendations to solve those problems. For further information, go to the following websites: USQ Library USQ Learning & Teaching Support Unit (LTSU) website

The focus of the Conclusions is on what is in the report (similar to the ES and the Introduction) and is not on the theory. The conclusions summarise the key findings from the analysis carried out in the main body of the report. They are different to a ‘Conclusion’ which might simply summarise and ‘conclude’ the discussion. The conclusions identify any issues that require further action in order to address problems that have been identified. Those further actions will be listed clearly in the ‘Recommendations’.

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