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MGT703 : Report Writing – Management Assignment

Internal Code – MAS3865

Strategic Management Assignment

Report Writing

Choose an organisation in which you have or have had some interest, personal contact, or experience. The task is to collect information relating strategic innovation threats and opportunities for the firm and present an analysis in the form of a 3000 word written report. More detailed guidance will be provided on Blackboard.

Format :

  • Report up to 4500 words if done as a group; up to 3000 words if done as an individual.
  • Executive Summary, Contents Page and References will not be included in word count ,tables are not included if they are brief.
  •  Use Report Structure
  • Appendices should be used sparingly, Use them only to provide additional detail about a point made in the body of the analysis, to give the reader comfort about the rigour of the underlying analysis.

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