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MGT201A: Project Management – Project Plan Development for a Project – Assessment Answer

Internal Code: 1IEEA

Project Plan and Management Development for a Project


With your assigned group members, select a project (actual, completed, to be completed or under planning – this may include a project you are actually working on or one you are thinking of implementing). Many thousands of example projects are available in the literature and online.

Inform your lecturer of the name of your project before the end of week 6 of the term via email. This is your responsibility and it carries a penalty of up to 30% of the final mark of this assessment if you fail to inform your lecturer of your chosen project. Conduct research into similar or related projects to find as much information about what would typically be involved in such a project. Find appropriate templates for the different project management tools and customise them to the unique needs of your particular project.

The project plan should contain:
1. Project background
2. Project charter
3. Project deliverables
4. Approved budget
5. Project scope 6. Risk management and minimization plan
7. Resourcing plan
8. Stakeholder engagement and communication plan
9. Gantt chart
10. Communications management plan
11. Specification details
12. Managing scope creep and variations
13. Customer management issues
14. Project Close

Apply the relevant concepts from the subject in presenting your plan from through the life cycle from initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling to closing. Examples of relevant tools include – SWOT analysis, SMART objectives, scope statement, work breakdown structure, stakeholder engagement matrix, communications matrix, risk register, RACI, project closeout checklist, lessons learned document.

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