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MGT130: Sunshine Coast and/or Brisbane – Supply Chain Management

Internal Code: MAS567

Supply Chain Management:

Supply chain management is about the coordination of products/service flows, information flows and relationships to create better value for all partners. Supply chain performance is driven by external factors and internal operational excellence, and is reflected in the alignment of the resources of a network of supply chain partners. In this project, we focus on the capacity and capability of airports (such as Sunshine Coast and/or Brisbane). An airport can be both, a bottleneck and an enabler for supply chain efficiency (think: costs!) and responsiveness/ agility (think: customer service!). Select an existing supply chain from either Health, Retail, Agribusiness, or Tourism and in your groups address the following questions (all questions are weighted the same).


1. What is the context in which your supply chain operates? What are qualitative and quantitative factors that characterise your supply chains?

2. What is the structure of your supply chain? Draw the supply chain, including its major players and illustrate major flows. Highlight issues and/or opportunities.

3. What is the airport’s role in your supply chain? How does the airport provide value for your supply chain? What capacities does the airport provide? Which ones are missing?

4. What is the level of supply chain integration?

a. How well are product flows integrated?

b. How well are information flows integrated?

c. What are the relationships in the supply chain?

5. Based on your analysis what are 3 significant problems and/or opportunities in your supply chain given that supply chains and airport capabilities evolve?

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