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MGMT6013: Managing Information System – Management Assignment

Internal code: IAH271

Management Assignment

You will investigate and report on IS and IT systems in an organisation of their choice, identifying risks and proposing mitigation strategies. Students should: define information systems and discuss its role in the organisation; use various models presented in the subject to critique the use of information systems according to business problems and characterise. Students are expected to use and cite external literature extensively. Students should consider what risk means to the contemporary organisation and how information systems both pose and mitigate risk. The report should include an executive summary (not included in the word count), introduction and conclusion to support their arguments.


1) Analyse the impact that Information Systems has on organisations and the consequent changes which have occurred to business managerial roles and competitive advantage due to IS.

2) Analyse Management information systems using a range of analytical approaches and assess the impact of MIS upon business process engineering.

3) Identify the elements that combine to form an information vision and information technology (IT) strategy for an organisation.

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