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MGMT6000- Dynamic Leadership- Report Writing- Management Assignment- Laureate International University

Internal Code: MAS5675

Management Assignment


  • Reflect on your own leadership journey to date and identify key events, people and experiences that have contributed to your leadership development and self-perceptions;
  • Increase self-awareness by completing a personality or leadership styles assessment, for example Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI);
  • Obtain feedback from a fellow student on your leadership journey and current challenges;
  • Provide mentoring and feedback on leadership to a fellow student on his/her leadership journey and challenges;
  • Identify the influences of national and organisational cultures on your perceptions of effective leadership;
  • Develop and apply communication skills for relationship building and mentoring across cultures, functions and disciplines;
  • Apply knowledge from the theories and models of effective leadership to interpret and understand your reflections and feedback.

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