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‘Metabolic Manipulators’ – Case Study – Health Care Assignment

Internal Code: TV656

Health Care Assignment:

Metabolic Manipulators Biochemical Analysis of cells, tissue, blood and urine is important in the detection of disease, organ failure, doping/drug cheating in forensic investigations, and sports (human or animal). This assignment will enable you to relate your laboratory experience to real world biochemical analysis. You should include a brief outline of the analysis method(s) used to detect or confirm the condition, from the topic list provided. Assignment (Part B), relates to lecture material conveyed in weeks 1-13, associated with disease(s) and/or medical condition(s). •

• The research will address the current research, published in scientific journals, regarding the topic or condition.
• Diagnosis will address the current diagnostics applied to the topic or condition.
• Treatment will address the current treatment options relevant to the topic or condition.
• Policy will address the current policies/legislation (federal, state or international) relevant to the topic or condition (e.g. adverse health outcomes or legislation for drug use


1)  Research Describe the most recent research (published scientific article(s)) effort pertaining to the Manipulator (Part B). This may include, but not limited to, characterization of metabolic status, biochemical pathways, receptors and signal transduction within cells or tissue and the identification of potential therapeutic(s).

2). Diagnosis Identify the disease state(s)/or consequence(s) of the Manipulator (Part B) that arise if there is a chemical perturbation (Part B) in the metabolic /biosynthetic pathway of target cells/tissues.

3)Treatment Describe the current treatment(s)/strategy(ies), approved for use, to overcome the disease state as a consequence of Manipulator (Part B). Comment on, with the aid of statistical information, the change in prognosis as a consequence of treatment.

4) Policy Outline the current policies/legislation (federal, state or international) relevant to the Manipulator (Part B) (e.g. adverse health outcomes or legislation for therapeutic use).

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