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ME5314/ME5542: Advanced Modelling and Design – Design Element

Internal Code: IAH272

Design Element Assignment

The Design element of the Advanced Modelling and Design Module requires you to investigate advanced methods of engineering design optimisation. You will adopt the role of a professional engineer who is required to investigate optimisation methods then apply a method to an engineering problem in a combination as allocated

Imagine that you have been asked to produce a technical report on a design optimisation search method applied to an allotted problem for a company conference on ‘Optimisation in Engineering Design’, which will subsequently be used by other engineers and will, therefore, demonstrate at least the following:

(a) Detailed knowledge of how to apply the allocated optimisation search method in the optimisation of an allocated engineering problem, clarifying the design constraints and how they are dealt with.

(b) Clarity in how data was generated and the analysis performed when applying the search method to the engineering problem.

(c) You must ensure that the use of software does not detract from clearly explaining how the method is applied to the problem.

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