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Task1: Manual CNC part programming: Write manual CNC part programs to mill the parts shown in Figure 1(1 profile, 4 slots and 4 holes) using a 3 axis CNC machine tool. Use the data provided in Table 1. Please note that the geometry of the parts and your corresponding G codes are related to N, the last digital number of your student ID. testing Requirements: (1) N is the last digital number of your student ID, e.g. if your student ID number is 12345678, then N=8; (2) Use the coordinate system shown on the left bottom corner of the part (indicated as CS) as the reference for the coding; (3) Use absolute distance mode; (4) Machine the four holes first, then the slots before the machining of the profile; (5) For the profile machining, the cutter starts from (0,0, 10) and cutting feed is in anti-clockwise direction; Conventional Milling is required for the profile machining. (6) G81 must be used for the drilling hole (7) Software is not allowed for the code generation Task 2: SolidCAM  In this task, you are requested to generate G codes using SolidCAM software to conduct CNC machining on a block of aluminium. The geometry of the parts after machining (target geometry) is shown in Figure 2. testing1 The stock size of the parts (the parts before machining) is 114 mm ×114 mm ×(T+1), where T is the thickness of the finished workpiece. T is related to be the last digital number of your student number as shown in Table 2. The depth of the two open pockets and the close pocket is the 2/3 of the thickness of the finished workpiece T as shown in Figure 3. testing2 testing3 Machining requirements: 1. The component is held at a vice for machining at 3mm depth on the soft jaw as shown in Figure 4. 2. All surfaces need to be machined. In particular, it is required that face milling with cutting depth of 0.5 mm has to be conducted on both top and bottom surfaces of the block in order to get good surface roughness; 3. A finish operation with 0.5 mm for both wall and floor offset shall be undertaken after the rough machining for the closed pocket.   4. Conventional Milling is required for the machining of profile. 5. The cutters and cutting parameters for drilling, face, profile and pocket millings are listed in Table 3. Please note cutting parameter including spindle speed S (Rev/min) and Feed rate F(mm/min) is related to the last digital number of your student ID N testing4 Requirements for your assignment: 1. Construct the 3D model of the component after machining using SolidWork with correct thickness and depth of the pocket (check your student number); 2. Conduct the machining operations to machine the stock materials to its final shape using SolidCAM and produce G codes for all the features to be machined; 3. There is no need to create a CAD model for the vice, however, you should avoid the collision between the cutter and the vice during the machining; Your report Produce a brief report (max 1000 words) in which you should 1. Provide your machining strategy by identifying the number of setups and the machining operations for each of the setup; You may provide screenshots of SolidCAM interface showing the number of setups and machining operations. 2. Calculate the surface speed (m/min) and chip load (mm/teech/rev) for the machining operations including facing, profiling, pocketing and drilling; (Please note this calculation is relevant to N which is the last digital number of your student ID). 3. Calculate the maximum material removal rate (MRR) for each of the machining operations (drilling, face milling, profiling of the horizontal edge, rough and finish pocketing) (Please note this calculation is relevant to N which is the last digital number of your student ID).
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