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MCD2050: Wearable Technology – Marketing Assignment

Internal Code: MAS5993

Marketing Assignment:

Samsung Group is a multinational conglomerate based in South Korean and headquartered in Samsung Town, Seoul. It consists of a number of affiliated businesses, most of which are united under the Samsung brand, however, their flagship brand is Samsung Electronics which is one of the key players in the global high-tech electronics manufacturing and digital media industry. However, there is a new market that has been slowly growing into a major industry in the technology sector. This industry combines both technical advances in smart technology and
combining it with ease, accessibility and fashion, hence the wearable technology market was born. Wearable technology, like the name, suggests its technology which can be integrated into our daily clothing. Smartwatches are one of the most popular and mainstream wearable technology today. A Smartwatch is a digital computerized wristwatch with functionalities beyond timekeeping. Earlier models could perform tasks like calculations and some could play basic and simple video games. However, in the 2010s the evolution in technical advancements made it possible for smartwatches to essentially develop into wearable computers. Many are able to run mobile applications, using a mobile operating system such as Android, IOS or Tizen. Almost all Smartwatches available today can function as portable media players with radios, song applications and video files via a Bluetooth or USB or plug-in headsets. A select few feature full mobile phone capability, allowing the phone to make or answer phone calls or text messages. The Samsung Gear S3 is the latest generation smartwatch produced by Samsung. They are offered in two very distinct designs, one has a sporty, rugged and outdoorsy look while the other has a more luxurious design. The watch would be able of connecting to Samsung phones, Android phones, and even the iPhone.


1) An introduction to your selected company and specific offer.

2)  An analysis of the marketing environment in which your firm operates, to be supported by evidence.

3) Identification of a target market for your specific offer.

4) The use of segment variables to describe your target market. Justification of your selection and the appropriateness of your target segment for the selected offer.


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