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MBA502 - Emotional Cultural Intelligence and Diversity - Management Assignment Help

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Your Task 

For this assignment, students will develop a 5-7-minute individual sample video presentation detailing  areas related to the 4 domains of emotional intelligence (EI), self-awareness, self-management, social  awareness and relationship management and the implications these have for working in an  international/global company.  


Assessment Description 

This assessment will focus on the area on the four domains of EI the development of self-awareness  based on the topics covered in weeks 1-4. Students will consider and compare the outcomes of two  evaluative surveys completed by themselves, and by two friends/associates. Analysis of these  surveys will identify their related strengths and areas for development against the 4 EI related  domains - self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management.  Consideration will be given to what these skills mean when working in an international/global  company.  

Students are encouraged to use the development of this video as model or sample for future use  related to applying for employment, with social media or any other scenario to promote their skills  and abilities. 


Assessment Instructions  

Contact two people you know well, but preferably from different areas of your life, for example, one  from your family and another being a friend. Provide them with the link or a hard-copy version of the  two surveys below. When completing these surveys ensure that the people you have chosen to  complete the surveys answer the questions about you and your qualities, not themselves.  

Analyse the outcomes of these surveys noting areas where there are agreements and  differences regarding your traits and abilities. Also include feedback you have received at other  times EI related skills, e.g. from a boss or friend. 

Reflect on the differences and similarities in all of this feedback, noting the areas where you  have become aware of how others see you, in comparison to how you see yourself. Note how  your self-awareness has developed. 

Reflect on what competencies you would like to develop to function well as a global citizen.  Provide examples of these competencies based on the assumption you work in a culturally  diverse international/global company.  


Your 5-7 minute video should include:  

Development of your self-awareness - Details of the strengths and weaknesses you have  identified as a result of comparing the survey outcomes of your associates/friends and your  test results. Consider also any other feedback or reflections you have from work or personal  situations that, along with the survey results, have increased your self-awareness. (approx. 2  mins)  

Identification of areas for development - Provide details of the two areas you have  identified that you need to develop. Indicate why these are important to your future career  and include details of a minimum of two strategies you intend to put in place to improve on  these weaknesses. (approx. 2 mins)  

Implications for working in an international/global company - Assume that you are working in  a diverse workforce in an international/global company. Using the 4 EI related domains (self awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management) as a framework  detail and reflect on how your strengths will assist you in working effectively in this context.  (approx. 2 mins)  


Please note that academic references should be used throughout your video to support and  develop the points you are making.  


Video production  

To ensure the success of your video presentation, you should take account of the following:  1. You are required to appear on the screen and ensure that your voice can be clearly heard. 2. Record the video in a quiet location, so that background noise and interruptions are minimised 3. You are required to create a series of PowerPoint slides with talking points to assist your  presentation. 

4. Talk to the camera instead of reading notes or your PowerPoint slides. 

5. Be creative. A good presentation is not just about the content but the way that you present it. 6. Practice numerous times beforehand and/or with a friend so that you are confident. You should refer to at least three (3) relevant theories/concepts that you have covered in the  subject in your presentation to support your answers. You are required to demonstrate your use of  references/resources in your video.


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