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MAT10251: Statistical Analysis- Statistics Assignment

Internal code- MAS539

Statistics Assignment


Your statistical analysis of used car price data is to enable you to answer questions from a relative or friend who is seeking to buy a used car of the make and model specified by your sample and has asked you for information and advice. Your relative or friend is restricting their search to the state they are living in also specified by the sample. For example, if your student ID number ends in 0 your sample is Sample 0 so your friend or relative is seeking to buy a Mazda 3 in New South Wales.
In each part of the project you are required to analyse your sample data in response to given questions and provide a written answer. You can assume that each written answer is a part of a letter or email to your friend or relative.

You are expected to use Excel, or another spreadsheet or statistical package, when completing the project.
Your written answers presenting findings and conclusions should be considered as a part of a letter or email to a friend or relative. Each written answer should be a word document into which your Excel, or similar, output has been copied.

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