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Manufacture And Deploy High Performance And High End Technology Systems – Business Management Assignment

Internal Code: MAS5697

Business Management:

We develop, manufacture and deploy high performance and high-end technology systems using micro-electronics that are used in the telecommunications industry worldwide. Our leading products allow mobile phone base-stations/towers to increase their range and
signal strength to consumers without the need to increase power consumption. We are based in Brisbane, but serve a global market primarily based in the United States and Europe. The majority of our revenues (>80%) come from serving overseas markets. We started small with just about 10 employees in the 1990s and have since grown at a phenomenal rate (>15% CAGR). Today we have over 75 employees, most of these are highly skilled engineers, technical and manufacturing staff. We pride ourselves on our core values which run through the fabric of our organisation and contribute to our unique and strongly cohesive work culture. We believe that these values contribute to our innovation and competitive advantage. We follow a traditional organisational structure (top-down driven), but at the same time have made some
changes to make sure that all voices are heard and everyone’s taken along on the journey. While we believe a traditional organisational structure suits our firm and our industry, we are open to new ideas in relation to a structure that might help improve our productivity


Should the organisation make changes to its organisational structure in the face of rapid changes in its business environment (e.g., automation)?

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