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Management - Special Events - Business Travel Matters - Article Writing Assessment Answer

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Management Special Events Business Travel Matters Article Writing Assessment Answer
Assessment Task:

Assessment 1

Assessment task: Magazine article

Assessment briefing:
You have been commissioned by the magazine “Special Events”, for their upcoming special edition themed ‘Business Travel Matters’. They have asked you to write a feature article on how the economic development in India will influence the business travel market and the demands of the business consumer. The magazine readership is primarily comprised of event and corporate meetings professionals, as well as a wider hospitality audience. Your article should highlight the scope of the international hotel industry in terms of scale and size, product offerings and innovation in design. It should analyse how these factors satisfy the varied requirements of the business traveller. Your article should draw upon appropriate academic theory, terminology, and examples selected from hotel practices at an International level.

The article should be 1,800 words, give or take 10%. It should contain visual material, which may include supporting pictures or graphics. While it is not essential for the piece to be ‘designed’ in terms of layout, the highest marks for presentation will go to those articles that have considered the visual layout of the piece. For these purposes, you may note that the magazine is printed in A4 format. The article should be submitted on
In order to complete this assessment, you will need to consider:
• The size and scope of the international hotel industry, as well as the business travel sector within it
• Current trends within the business travel sector
• How the industry is currently providing for business travelers, supported by actual examples of innovative best practice

• How the market is likely to change, and how hotels should best respond to make the most of these changes. Identify any examples of hotels that are already responding or anticipating these changes.

REMEMBER THAT A JOURNALISTIC WRITING STYLE IS VERY DIFFERENT FROM AN ACADEMIC WRITING STYLE. Your audience is an informed, professional one. Therefore, you are expected to deal with complex academic issues, but explained in a simple and straightforward way. Your writing must be authoritative and informative.
Being a magazine article, you are not expected to reference sources in-text using the Harvard format. However, your article MUST be informed by high-quality sources, and points made must be supported with evidence. There are simple and straightforward ways you can do this that do not require a Harvard citation. For example, instead of saying: “Mintel (2015) states that total spend on business travel fell by 5% in 2014, but is expected to grow by 1% in 2015.”
You could say:
“The market intelligence firm Mintel found that spend on business travel fell by 5% in 2015. Their research suggests however that it is likely to grow by 1% in 2015.”
The magazine editor requires that you submit your article with a bibliography that shows the sources you have used and consulted in preparing the piece. This bibliography should use the Harvard format for end referencing. It should be included at the end, but does not have to form part of the designed article. It does not count towards the word count.

Assessment criteria: (for detailed marking grid, see rubric)
• Knowledge and understanding – 30%
The extent to which the article demonstrates a clear understanding of the sector, market, and trends.
• Research and problem solving – 20%
The quality of the sources used, and how well these inform the points being made. The appropriateness of sources in terms of how they are used.
• Analysis and evaluation – 20%
How well the information gathered is interpreted, as well as the extent to which the judgments follow on from the analysis. Communication and presentation – 30%
The quality of the writing, as well as the quality of the presentation and formatting.
Timing of feedback: Within 15 working days of the submission date. Feedback will be accessed online, via the Turnitin submission.
All marks are provisional pending approval by the assessment board.

Assessment 2

Assessment task: Group Presentation

Assessment brief:
You have been approached by Tata Global Beverages, and asked to pitch for the contract to plan an upcoming important corporate event. You will be one of a number
of companies delivering a 15-minute pitch to win the contract.

Tata Global Beverages are looking to hold their annual staff awards evening for circa 300 staff in the marketing department, based at their global headquarters in
Bangalore. The client's objective is to reward their staff, recognize good performance and help embed their corporate identity in the team. The event has the following

  •  Facilitate all attendees to arrive at the event venue before 6 pm on the day of the event
  •  Provide an environment that is conducive to an enjoyable evening, but that also reflects the image of the company
  •  Allow for the delivery of individual and team awards and prize giving
  •  Provide evening entertainment that brings together the whole team and reinforces the corporate identity

You should decide the format of the event, for example formal dinner/buffet/drinks reception etc. Your suggestions should include all elements that you feel would contribute to an amazing evening. Entertainment needs to be provided; you should make two suggestions, with associated costs. A sample menu should be provided.

While you need to accommodate the awards ceremony, you do not need to prepare any specific categories or prizes, as these will be arranged directly by the client. You are not required to arrange accommodation. The client has informed you that the only special dietary requirements are a small number of vegetarians. The venue must be wheelchair accessible. They have a total budget of INR 900 000 for the event.

Assessment criteria: (for detailed marking grid, see rubric)
These express the criteria against which achievement of the learning outcomes will be assessed
• Analysis of the value proposition (Synthesis and creativity) 20%
• Operational requirements (Knowledge and understanding) 15%
• Team and organizational working 30%
• Supporting material (Interpersonal and communication skills) 15%
• Presentation skills (Interpersonal and communication skills) 20%


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