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Management of Out Of Hospital Cardiac Arrest – Literature Assignment

Internal Code: MAS5577

Literature Assignment:

Management of out of hospital cardiac arrest is an integral role for the intensive care paramedic. Despite the introduction of a number of novel therapeutic interventions over many decades, rates of survival from out of hospital cardiac arrest remain dismally low. The last decade has seen the advent of modern, lightweight and portable mechanical cardiopulmonary resuscitation (m-CPR) devices. Despite a number of reasonably well-designed trials, and in contrast to anecdotal reports, m-CPR has struggled to demonstrate better outcomes with
regard to survival from cardiac arrest. You are required to conduct a literature review to evidence to support an argument for or against
the introduction (or continued use) of m-CPR in your ambulance service.


1) Existing evidence surrounding the use of m-CPR

2) Contemporary interventions (in or out of hospital) that may be performed in conjunction with m-CPR

3) Cohort of patients where m-CPR is indicated

4) Geographical/logistical factors that may influence the use of m-CPR

5) Future directions for this therapy based on the contemporary evidence

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