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MAN1100D: Management- Modern Organisations- Profitable & Good Corporate Citizens- Essay Writing Assignment

Internal Code: 1HABB

Essay Writing Assignment:


Students may choose one topic from the two listed below and write an essay of 1500 to 2000 words in length. The essay must follow the format outlined later in this document. Please read the essay grade descriptors (pages5-6) to understand how your assignment will be graded. Time management and meeting deadlines are critical management skills. Therefore, essays must be submitted on the date specified. (Check Unit Outline for information on penalties for late submission.)

Theorists argue that modern organisations should aim to be both profitable and good ‘corporate citizens’. Critically examine the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility in today’s globalized business environment.


 Discuss the ways in which a strong, positive corporate culture can contribute to the success of an organisation in today’s globalized world. How can business leaders create such a culture in their organisations?


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