Magnetically Susceptible Gangue Minerals - Crushing Operations - Engineering Assessment Answer

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Engineering Assessment Task

Tasks: 1. Review the mineralogy of the ore.

a) Identify the valuable minerals.

b) Calculate the grade of the ore.

c) Classify the gangue minerals.

d) Investigate the mineral properties (specific gravity, magnetic susceptibility, solubility, etc)

2. Design a crushing circuit that can be used to enhance the grade of the ore.

a) Remove magnetically susceptible gangue minerals (if possible)

b) Determine the size fraction that allows specific gravity to be used to remove 20-40% of gangue. Assume 100% separation for specific gravity.

c) Design a crushing circuit consisting of a jaw and roll crusher to enable specific gravity techniques to be used to remove 20-40% of gangue.

i) What is the roll crusher set width required to obtain a particle size that is 50% more than the minimum concentration criteria specification required to remove 20-40% of the gangue minerals.

ii) Calculate the maximum size of the feed for a roll crusher with a nip of XX° and roll diameter of XXXmm.

iii) Screening efficiency is 70% for both crushing operations and all oversized material must be recirculated.

3. The ore is then further reduced in size to 75 microns passing using a ball mill.

a) Design the milling circuit as a closed system. Note the screening efficiency is 80% for all oversized material produced by the mill and it must be recirculated.

b) Calculate the power required for every tonne of ore milled per hour if the Bond Work index for the ore is XXkWt/hr.

4. Froth flotation will be used to recover valuable minerals in both the concentrate and tails.

a) The concentrate flotation circuit will use X cells with a retention time of X mins, if the mass percentage was XX% copper mineral calculate the recovery.

b) Calculate the net smelter return for the froth concentrate if you had a copper grade of XX% and that the transport and smelter treatment cost $XX and $XXX, respectively. You will need to reference your source and date for your copper payment value.

c) What environmental considerations need to be made around pyrometallurgy of your froth concentrate and what can be done to reduce the impact of gas emissions? 6.

The froth slurry is dewatered to produce a dry solids copper concentrate and wastewater stream.

a) What are the ANZECC environmental guidelines on pH for the reuse of industrial water for irrigation and stock watering systems according to section 4.2.10?

b) What would the water composition be if the water was treated to meet the lower pH limit for irrigation and stock watering systems?

7. The tails from froth flotation will then undergo a sulfuric acid leaching process to recover copper from the copper mineral.

a) Write the chemical reactions of all minerals in the tails to determine what the solid residue and wastewater streams are comprised of.

b) Calculate how many tonnes of copper was obtained if the leaching assay of XXXXm3 of pregnant solution was XXg/L.

c) Electrowinning is to be used to produce a copper concentrate from the leaching of tails.

i) What is the theoretical production of Cu per cell in a copper smelter per day, in a current of XXXXX amperes is used?

ii) How much copper metal is produced per cell if the production efficiency is XX%?

iii) What is the energy consumption per unit mass (kgs produced per day per cell) if the operating voltage of the smelter is 12V?

iv) What is the cost to produce 1t of copper based on energy consumption and electricity prices in Brisbane?

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