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Locate A 2 Storey Or 3 Storey Commercial Building - Management Assignment Help

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Assignment Task

Task 3.1 to 3.3 Procedures
1. Before proceeding, do the following:
a. “Online students” refer to “Connect” for the associated learning resources and student workbook material
i. Read these materials

ii. Obtain your free online version of the BCA Volumes 1, 2  and NCC 2016 Guide from the following locations:
You must register first - http://www.abcb.gov.au/User/Register
Free Volume 1
Free Volume 2
Free NCC 2016 Guide

b. “Classroom students” 
i. refer to the learning materials provided by your teacher – this may include the “Connect” resources
ii. attend all classes
2. Refer to the accompanying CPCCBC5018 Assessment Design Brief for this assessment
3. Read and complete Assessment 3 – Tasks 3.1 to 3.3below.

Assessment 3 Tasks

Task 3.1 

Using the information provided in the Design Brief complete the following:

a) Show your proposed work schedule for the following work elements:

• roof framing 
• roofing
• rainwater management
• suspended ceilings

b) Use drawings, sketches or manufacturer’s detailsto illustrate the various construction methodologies or systemssuitable for the areas list above in Task 3.1(a).

Your work schedule should include either a Gantt chart or a basic Network Diagram (as illustrated in Section 1.4 of Learning guide Book 1) to show the flow of the work – for this assessment you do not need to show activity times, just the relationship between the activities. 

Remember, if you use your drawings andsketches in Task 3.1(b), they are not design drawings, but should only show the structural and service elements you would expect to use. You can use specific and relevant manufacture’s details if you wish, but don’t supply the manufacture’s complete design booklets for this task.
You need to pay specific attention to construction methodology/systems for:

• structural steel connections - purlins, bridging and bracing
• roofing installation
• rain water management installation
• prevention of moisture entry
• suspended ceiling installation
Task 3.2

Locate a 2 storey or 3 storey commercial building with some underground car parking that you can gain access to (a shopping centre would probably be best for this reason).

Provide a 2 to 3 page report with additional photos of the construction systems used to build the building. Highlight any visible defects such as excessive moisture on the underground walls in the carpark, moisture staining on ceiling panels or around shop fronts, etc. Also, examine and report on any exposed services (these can usually be seen suspended from the floor above the car parking area). Try to locate how the roof water is taken from roof to ground and collected.

The report should be divided into topics including:

• structure
• retaining walls
• services
• vertical transport
• shop fronts (main entries into building and/or any shops fronting to the exterior)
• roof structure (if possible)


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