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Leadership A Critical Perspective – Leaders & Their Organisations – Assessment Answer

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Leadership A Critical Perspective – Leaders & Their Organisations


This task requires you to address 3 out of 5 leadership challenges raised in topics 1 to 5. Use real- world examples of leaders and their organisations to support arguments for each challenge.

Topic 1: Challenge
In the digital, mobile and social world, change is relentless. Most of today’s organisations and leaders are struggling with the transition from a stable to a chaotic environment. What skills and qualities do leaders need in these circumstances?

Topic 2: Challenge
Entrepreneurial leadership is of great concern in today’s turbulent environment. What traits and behaviours do entrepreneurial leaders display? Can these traits be developed? Are these traits important to leaders of today?

Topic 3: Challenge
In most service and knowledge based organisations, technology has replaced certain jobs and employees need to be more skilled than ever before. In this context, how can leaders determine the style of leadership (contingency approaches) that increases the likelihood of leadership success? You should also consider substitutes for leadership when addressing this question.

Topic 4: Challenge
How important is it for leaders to use emotional as well as intellectual capabilities and understandings to guide organisations through turbulent environments and help people feel motivated in the face of rapid change, uncertainty and job insecurity? What challenges would learning to be ‘a whole leader’ (leading with both the head and heart) present?

Topic 5: Challenge
Research indicates that many employees have quit jobs at some point because of their bosses.  There appears to be a clear correlation between an employee’s engagement (motivation and effort to achieve organisational goals) and his or her relationship with the boss. How can an understanding of leaders and followers help managers retain good employees and improve employee engagement

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