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LAW00059: Understanding of the philosophical approaches to the welfare state – Law Assignment

Internal Code: MAS4033

Law Assignment:

The aim of this assignment is to test your understanding of the philosophical approaches to the welfare state. To do this you are required to examine the spending initiatives and priorities of the Federal Budget for 2017-18 and develop a response in recent years the growth has been hard won and not all Australians have shared in the growth. Many others remain frustrated. Wage growth has been slow, additional hours have been hard to come by, and small business owners have gone without to keep their businesses open and their employees in jobs.
This is putting increased pressure on Australians and their families but there are clear signs that the economy is moving towards better days.
This Budget is about making those right choices, to secure the better days ahead.’


1) Identify the main strategies that have been designed to support the Australian welfare system,

2) Discuss why you agree or disagree that these strategies will support the Australian welfare system.

3) Briefly, explain how this key strategy or initiative/s is relevant to Australia’s welfare system,

4) Discuss the theoretical approach to the welfare state reflected in your chosen strategy.



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