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Ladimeji’s graduation from ‘gigger’ - BPP University Business School - Business Management

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Business Management:

Ladimeji’s graduation from ‘gigger’ to contingent worker is instructive, as it demonstrates the increasingly fluid boundaries between different forms of non-traditional employment, and the under-reported shifts taking place in the labour market. The gig economy sits at the apex of a subtle societal move away from full-time employment. On its own, however, it has probably provided more column inches than it has meaningful revenue. The gig economy is broadly defined as online platforms that act as marketplaces for services offered by freelance or self-employed individuals. Where it has reached the popular consciousness, it’s mostly for negative reasons – think Uber drivers demanding rights their platform ‘employer’ has denied them. But in fiduciary terms, the gig economy is minute. CIPD research ‘To gig or not to gig? Stories from the modern economy’ found that only 4 percent of the UK’s working age population was engaged even sporadically with a gig economy platform over the past 12 months, and even those who were participating fully were invariably unaware of the term itself. What matters more is the increase in self-employment, which has doubled over the last four decades to reach 16 percent of the UK labour market and continues to rise. Most businesses’ growth in recent years has probably been dependent on a battalion of freelancers, contractors and other hired hands, only a fraction of whom have used a gig economy platform. Full-time employment, over the same period, has remained roughly static even as unemployment has fallen. In short, the future is impermanent. Questions: Part 1: Identify and discuss ONE implication of the growth in the ‘gig economy’ for each of the four internal factors (individual, group, structural and management) as identified within Huczynski and Buchanan’s Field Map of Organisational Behaviour (2013), Part 2: Briefly summarize possible impacts of engaging with the ‘gig economy’ in terms of the ‘organisational dilemma’
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  • Posted on : December 20th, 2017
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