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Khan and Kennedy Logistics : Business Management With Finance – Human Resource Assignment

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Human Resource Assignment

Case Study :

In the logistics industry, the driver recruitment issue is a global one. Drivers already belonging to the top 10 jobs that employers are having trouble filling across 36 countries world-wide. (FTA:2016) Transport in the UK currently has an aging workforce.This is leading to nationwide shortages. There is a lack of diversity with challenges around increasing gender and cultural engagement and participation. Benefits and working conditions are important too, as are making transport roles more attractive to younger talent pools. Transportation in the UK struggles with an image that is less than ideal, perceived as a low paying dead-end job, by potential candidates.

Michael Carver is the new Human Resources Manager (HRM) at one of the flagship contracts for Khan and Kennedy Logistics. His site, based in Staffordshire, UK, employs over 200 staff including warehouse operatives, drivers, managers and office support functions. There are also a considerable number of agency staff, specifically for the driving roles that the site struggles to recruit for. The site is based minutes away from the M6 motorway, in an area that has a large number of logistics firms.Competition for drivers is therefore high, adding to the pressure on the business to recruit and retain the best drivers.
Michael has worked for Khan and Kennedy for many years as a HRM, so is very experienced in both his role and the industry. He has been transferred to this prestigious site to improve the HR functions performance. They are currently perceived by the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) as an administrative and policing function, not as a strategic partner helping to drive business strategy and site performance.

Questions :

1) Using the case study, evaluate the role of HRM in managing the business issueslocally, having due regard for the external contexts involved. (20 marks)

2) Analyse 3 key practices you think will be important in resolving the shortage of drivers as discussed in the case study. (30 marks)

3) Identify and explain 2 ethical issues linked to the case study, which may be a challenge that HRM should consider. (20 marks)

4) Apply the principles of Best Practice HR and make two HR focused recommendations based on the findings of this report, which will mitigate the issues you have discussed. Explain the benefits of your recommendations. (20 marks)

Use of relevant structure, layout and Harvard referencing. (10 marks)

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