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ITNT121: Networking Technologies- BSC IT Assignment Help

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Assignment Task:
ITNT121: Networking Technologies- BSC IT Assignment Help

Question 1:

Study the scenario and complete the question(s) that follow: 

Network Subnetting and Configuration


1.1 Subnet the network into the appropriate/required number of subnets. 

  • Using the network topology in Figure 1, how many subnets are needed? 
  • Determine the number of bits that must be borrowed to support the number of subnets in the topology table. 
  • Based on your answer is “b”, how many subnets does this create? 
  • What is the number of hosts per subnet with regard to the subnet created in “c”? (Note: If your answer is less than the 9 hosts required, then you borrowed too many bits.)
  • Calculate the binary value for the last five subnets. Assume the first subnet to be:  Net 0: 201.31.1. 00000000. 
  • Determine the binary and decimal value of the new subnet mask
  • Fill in the Subnet Table (Table 1.1), listing the decimal value of all available subnets, the first and last usable host address, and the broadcast address. Repeat until all addresses are listed. 


1.2 Assign the subnets to the network shown in the topology in 

  • Assign Subnet 0 to the LAN connected to Gigabit Ethernet 0/0 interface of R1. 
  • Assign Subnet 1 to the LAN connected to Gigabit Ethernet 0/1 interface of R1
  • Assign Subnet 3 to the LAN connected to Gigabit Ethernet 0/0 interface of R2
  • Assign Subnet 4 to the LAN connected to the Gigabit Ethernet 0/1 interface of R2. 
  • Assign Subnet 6 to the LAN connected to Gigabit Ethernet 0/0 interface of R3.
  • Assign Subnet 7 to the LAN connected to Gigabit Ethernet 0/1 interface of R3
  • Assign Subnet 9 to the WAN between R1 to R2. 
  • Assign Subnet 10 to the WAN between R1 to R3. 
  • Assign Subnet 11 to the WAN between R2 to R3

1.3 Document the addressing scheme using the following: 

Network Subnetting and Configuration

1.4 Assign IP Addresses to Network Devices and Verify Connectivity 

  • Based on the above configuration, is PC1 able to ping PC6? 
  • If no, what should be done to enable connectivity? State two ways this may be achieved. 
  • What type of addressing scheme did you employ in the scenario above? 
  • The type of addressing scheme stated in 1.4 c was introduced to solve two problems. Describe them. 


Question 2:

Study the scenario and complete the question(s) that follow: 



Assuming a broadcast message is received by all the switches and forwarded at the same time: 

  • To ensure that broadcast traffic does not continue to loop through the network indefinitely, what network protocol will you employ? 
  • Using the Network Topology in Figure 2, briefly describe the standard process used by the network protocol stated in 2.1. 
  • Briefly describe three types of problems that may occur due to the use of redundant switches/links in a network topology. 
  • State four types of network protocol stated in 2.1. Also, identify its implementation. 
  • If devices are added or removed from the network topology in Figure 2, what terminology is used to describe the process that enables the appropriate change of status of forwarding/blocked ports? 

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