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ITCN102: XYZ College - Replace the Memory Modules - Storage Management - IT/Computer Science Assignment Help

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Assignment Task:

Question 1 
Study the scenario and complete the question(s) that follow: 
Storage Management 
XYZ College is in Claremont. The students use their personal computers at home and use computer labs at college during classes. The students store many files on their laptops, including videos for tutorials and movie files for entertainment. Since they are full-time students, they cannot do extra work outside of campus for extra cash. They are advised to adopt technologies where they do not have to purchase the software. XYZ College has a special computer lab designated for research and compilation of assignments. The setup in the lab consists of thin clients only. The students are not allowed to bring in external storage devices. Next to that lab is the Student Technology Support Centre office that assists students if they have problems with the computers in the lab. In the labs, students cannot download installation programs from the internet. In order to create disk space on the lab computers, the college runs a program that deletes all files in the students’ receptive folders on the server. The program that deletes the files is run every Friday at 9 pm. 
XYZ College has an assignment and project submission policy that is well documented. The deadline does not change, but students often try their best not to submit on time. Jip from XYZ campus sent the following letter to their module lecturer asking if an extension deadline would be considered. 

If Jip were to approach the Student Technology Support Centre for assistance, they would have told him to work from the designated lab and use any of the file storage and synchronization services available. 
1.1 Suggest three storage software applications that Jip could use to store his files on his home computer and be able to access them on campus from the lab computers. No marks will be allocated for a paid service.
Use the following rubric as a guideline to answer the question: 

Identified storage software
Description (ITCN102) 
Provide screenshots with instructions on how files can be saved to this storage 
software. (3 files must be used. Use the following 3 file names: YourStudentName, YourStudentSurname, YourStudentNumber). 


  • History 
  • Tools used to develop the software 1 Mark 
  • Advantages 
  • Disadvantage 

1.2 Create a 3-minute video illustrating how to remove and install two memory modules. Your video must have clear sound and illustrations should be in sync with your description of all the steps that you take to do such a procedure. 
Use the following rubric as a guideline to answer the question: 

  • Introduction with visual of student Description of a memory module 
  • How to remove the memory modules 
  • How to replace the memory modules
  • Summary with visual 
  • Clarity of voice and picture 

1.3 Create a 5-minute video illustrating how to partition a hard drive that is currently running Windows 7/8/10 or Linux Operating System. You are expected to create 2 partitions: X and Y. Partition X must be 30GB using NTFS, and Partition Y must be partitioned as 20GB using FAT or FAT32. On your screen, you must also bring up the calculator to show how you are calculating 30GB of the first partition and 20GB of the second partition. 
NB: Use the campus computers assigned for practicals. 
Use the following rubric as a guideline to answer the question: 

  • Introduction Student’s face should appear for a few seconds. The computer must show their student number as wallpaper. 
  • The first partition should be NTFS and labeled with YourFirstName Surname, e.g. NdaiMapaso Define NTFS 
  • Show a calculator on-screen and explain how to get 30GB of the first partition. 4 Marks The second partition should be partitioned to another file system available as an option e.g. FAT32. Label it YourSurnameFirstName e.g. MapasoNdai Define FAT 
  • Show a calculator on-screen and explain how to get 20GB of the second partition. 
  • Go to Computer and show the partitions. 1 Mark Delete the partitions. 3 Marks Go to Computer and show that the partitions were deleted. 

1.4 Create a set of rules that students must observe when they are working in the Student Technology Support Centre computer lab. 

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