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Introduction to Humanities: Case Study- Report Writing Assignment

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Report Writing Assignment:

CASE STUDY 1 Information
Jane Elliott’s Brown Eyes/Blue Eyes experiment
Word count: 500 words (+/- 10%)
Question for Case Study 1: How does the concept of “othering”, as seen in Jane Elliott’s Brown Eyes/Blue Eyes experiment, prevent people of diverse cultures from making strong connections with each other, thereby contributing to tensions amongst different ethnicities?

Case Study to read: Please view the video on the above website.

1. Avoid just describing the brown eyes/blue eyes experiment. Think about how you can use aspects of the experiment to explain othering, and also to explain how othering contributes to things such as cultural stereotyping.
2. Incorporate relevant ideas from your topic documents – think of ideas from your topic documents that relate to othering, and relate to people not getting along with other cultures. Once again, rather than just describing the ideas from the topic documents, explain how they contribute to othering and how they contribute to preventing connections between different cultures.

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