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International Management: Organisation’s International Strategy- Business Report Writing Assignment

Internal Code: IAH149

Business Report Writing Assignment:


You are required to present a business report (5000 words) which critically assesses an organisation’s international strategy and operations in light of theory.
1. you must choose an organisation engaged in banking/finance/zakah/charitywork.

Ensure that you have access to the required information of the organisation you choose – in particular, information related to the following issues that need to be addressed in your report:

1. Identify and critically assess the key features of the organisation’s international strategy (e.g. pro- active/reactive strategy, its entry mode, competitive strategy, etc.)
2. Identify and critically assess how the organisation addresses cultural dilemmas when interacting with partner organisations or customers in an international contexts
3. Critically analyse how the organisation is addressing the issue of standardisation versus localisation of products/services or systems/practices across different countries.

In each case, present your recommendations following your critical assessment. Your work should draw on cross-cultural and international management theory and concepts covered in the module. A suggested report format is given below, together with further guidelines on how to write effectively. Please ensure that you read this guidance carefully before attempting this assignment.

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