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Assignment Task

Learning Outcomes 

1. Present critical insights of the components of the marketing communications mix and brand management. 
2. Design and evaluate an integrated marketing communications mix
3. Identify appropriate techniques and resources to build cross functional relationships.
4. Critically evaluate communications role in delivering value to a range of stakeholders.

Assessment Criteria over the three assessments    
1 Undertake a critical review of your chosen organisation’s current approach to integrated communications received by a range of stakeholders, identifying the relevant components.       
2 Present critical insights of the components of the marketing communications mix and brand management and design and evaluate an integrated marketing communications mix.       
3 Identify appropriate techniques and resources to build cross functional relationships and critically evaluate communications role in delivering value to a range of stakeholders.  
Harvard referencing principles are applied throughout the submission in the correct manner. Authentic and academic sources have been utilised to support each section of the work
Omitting to reference correctly reduces work to a descriptive level only and is not satisfactory for post-graduate submissions.   
The work is presented to a professional and business-like standard and incorporates an introduction and summary. Each section is clearly identified with a sub-heading and there is a brief introduction and summary/conclusion. International business English that is correctly structured is expected.
Criteria 4 and 5 will be allocated to the entire submission
Indicative Assessment 1,2 and 3
Utilising an organisation of your choice, please use this organisation to undertake assessments 1,2 and 3 as outlined below.

MBA Integrated Communication Assignment1 
Prepare the first part of an individual report based on the organisation which you have chosen, please write a report which gives a detailed account of the company and its industry background.
MBA Integrated Communications Assignment 2 
Prepare the second part of an individual report based on the organisation which you have chosen. In this report please undertake a detailed analysis of the organisation’s current integrated communications strategy, using the relevant communication models and theories and frameworks taught in class.                   
MBA Integrated Communications Assignment 3 
Prepare the third part of an individual report based on the organisation of your choice, which focuses on the practical application of communication tools and, develop a relevant marketing communications plan based on your findings from your communications analysis undertaken in Assignment 2.

Masters level Marking Criteria

No work has been submitted in the time allowed, or the work submitted demonstrates little or no understanding of the task or the subject matter.  This may be evident where the work is substantially incoherent, irrelevant or lacking in factual content, or where these shortcomings are present in combination such that the work as a whole is unsound.  Major errors of fact, or evidence of substantially poor cognitive or other relevant skills will also lead to a fail.
The work shows some knowledge and required skills are present to a degree.  There may be appreciable error or omission of facts, poor structure, misdirection to the task, or poor conceptualisation or illustration of the work.  Evidence of analysis and evaluation is weak.  There will be indications in the work that the candidate is capable of improving it by further application to the task
The work contains sufficient descriptive information.  There is some analysis and explanation with appropriate illustration and example, and some attempt to evaluate.  The work will generally be coherent and relevant, it will contain some useful proposals or solutions related to familiar solutions and there will be some attempt at originality.  It will be communicated clearly.
The work contains all the necessary contextual information.  There will be adequate analysis, explanation and conceptualisation, with appropriate illustration and example, and sound attempts to evaluate and judge.  The work will be substantially coherent and will contain relevant and feasible proposals or solutions related to familiar situations, some responses to uncertainty or ambiguity and some acknowledgements of the implications of change.
The work will contain complete explanations using most available information.  There will be substantial analysis; the ability to recognise evidence, use ideas, conceptualise, evaluate and judge in familiar situations will be clearly demonstrated.  Proposals or solutions will be contextually relevant and useful, with substantial evidence of the skill necessary to operationalize them in a variety of situations, including those in which uncertainty, ambiguity or change are present.  The work will provide evidence of originality and of useful knowledge transfer to novel situations.  It will be coherent and convincing.
The work will clearly demonstrate the ability to analyse accurately, reliably and fully, all relevant information; to use evidence; to conceptualise, evaluate and judge; to propose and operationalise effective solutions, and to show substantial originality and creativity in a variety of familiar situations or in the face of ambiguity, uncertainty or change. It will demonstrate valuable knowledge transfer and propose feasible solutions for a wide range of situations. Evidence of the ability to innovate will be present.


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