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INP201 – Industry Practicum 1: Industry Practicum Report Writing Assignment Help

Internal Code: 1IEHC

Report Writing Assignment


The content/research for this report should be compiled throughout the subject and submitted at the end of a 400 hour industry placement. The aim of the report is to fully analyse the chosen workplace against the studied theory and principles of successful business and its environment. It offers an opportunity to apply and test the knowledge and skills of prior learning to a specific establishment in the chosen industry and will aid in the identification of further development needs.

Use the following guiding notes as a framework for the report:

  • You are required to compile a comprehensive business report on the organisation you are doing your work experience at. The report should focus on critically analysing the organisation in terms of the theory and principles we studied during this course and prior studies with a focus on:
    • The strategic goals and structure of the organisation
    • The organisation’s culture
    • Communication in the organisation
    • Leadership in the organisation
    • Teamwork in the organisation and
    • Motivation in the organisation.
  • Be very specific in the analyses and comment on good practice as well as motivate areas for improvement in your organisation.
  • Use the prescribed sources as basis for information and extend these sources through the application of prior learning and further research, especially the business environment the organisation operates in. Good referencing is essential.

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