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INFO6050 – Process Analysis and Problem Solving

Assessment Item 1

Class Participation and Discussion (15%)

The marks for this component are split between the discussion and the practical exercises associated with lectures. You are expected to participate in discussions on various topics in the Blackboard forums. These course activities will occur during the trimester. You are expected to post peer reviews about other students work and this will be part of your course interaction.

This assessment is designed to support the activities of the course. It is a vehicle for reflecting upon the material being studied and is also a progressive record of learning throughout the duration of the course. The submission is used by the instructor/mentor as a means of assessing the student’s abilities in analysing, questioning, problem solving and applying new knowledge.


There are a series of activities outlined in each lecture. These tasks are designed to support your learning and the preparation of course assessment. The journal may include any items of relevance to the study but MUST include a record of all the necessary lecture activities and linkage between activities and the lecture. In other words, you are also reflecting about each activity and lecture.


Please include all lecture activities in your submission; this will also include your reflection on all your assessment items. You are to include all your peer reviews (of other students work). You may also include reviews of your work and any changes you made to your work or replies given.



I would like you to have a section on your learning experience/reflections during the course in regards to the assessment items. Reflection on assessment is an ongoing task. For example when you first read it. During researching and drafting etc. Make sure you date your comments eg week 1.


Assessment Item 2

Case Study (25%)

Students will analyse a realistic business and through systematic fact finding and documentation identify operational issues within that business. Please read the case study 1 overview.

Information will be found by interviewing the lecturer at various times.

  • For on campus students this will occur in class times.
  • For online student this will take place by discussions via the nominated forums.


In this activity students will develop the ability to gather and record information, document systems and detail business requirements. They will then convey this clearly in a well presented and articulate manner. The business report might include:

Submission Requirements:

Expected structure

  • Assignment cover sheet
  • Title Page
  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Objectives
  • System Modelling
  • –  Activity diagram
  • –  Use Case Diagram
  • – Domain Class Diagram
  • – Discussion of each diagram
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Problem identification
  • Next steps
  • Conclusion
  • Reference
  • Appendices if required


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