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INF30003/80025 – BIS Analysis – Applied Research Methods

The Task

Following on from task 1A, where you looked into research across your area of study, for this task you will need to select a narrower area and investigate “how research is done”; this means focusing on the methods used rather than the outcomes of the research. Understanding the research approach will assist you in developing your final proposal (task 3). It is ideal if you stay in the same area as task 1A, however if you feel the need to change areas, that is acceptable.

The aim of this task is to demonstrate your understanding of research methods covered in the unit and how they are used in an area of professional interest to you, as well as your skills in scoping, reading and writing about previous work.

The learning outcomes covered by this task include:

  • Describe the practices used in real-world research including legal, commercial and ethical frameworks.
  • Describe the characteristic features of real-world research methods and debate their relative merits.
  • Compare, evaluate and select suitable research methods appropriate to a body of research.

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